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Radiology Elective Choices

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For the electives tour, I understand that it's best to do most/all your pre-CaRMS electives in Radiology but I'm wondering about post-CaRMS choices. Do programs put any weight on this?

Specifically is it bad to do say 5-6 rads, then your other electives in nuclear med and rad onc? Is it better to diversify with a general medical specialty and a surgical specialty? Really just wondering if programs are at all concerned with off-service electives when considering applicants for residency. Thanks!

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I don't think they are - first off we understand that various schools have different rules as to what the elective mix can be. Understanding those rules is a waste of our time ha, so we don't know if you are taking non core electives because you want to, have to, or some combination. Make analysis hard as a result and thus pointless. 

Doesn't mean that all rad program would ignore say a reference letter from one of those blocks - some certainly would - just that it isn't a real factor in the consideration process. 

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