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Transcripts - urgent

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Does Dalhousie have to receive our transcripts by July 31st, or do we have to have an issue late no later than july 31st? The wording on the website is kind of confusing, and I'm very worried now because I'm in Ontario and haven't started the process yet.


The application website says: Official University transcripts from each school listed on your application 
must be received by Dalhousie Medicine Admissions office by July 31, 2018. 
Transcripts must indicate an issue/print date no later than July 31, 2018.


If I go to my school tomorrow and start the process from the registar's office, it will be the weekend and by Monday it will be the 30th. So they will effectively have 2 days to get it to Nova Scotia? Or as long as I start the process before the 31st I'm fine?


Thank you 

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I would email Dal Admissions and clarify because that’s the safest answer you’re gonna get. Ask if you can have your transcripts faxed by your current school. There is an admissions fax number on the Dal Med website so I’m guessing you can. That should allow them to get there in time if they actually need to physically be at Dal on the 31st.

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Even if I email I doubt I'd get an answer back in time to make a difference. I don't know if fax is acceptable to be honest... Maybe tomorrow I'll ask my School's registar's office to send both a fax and a mail copy.

I'll try to call and see, was hoping someone here might have an answer.


every other academic institution I've dealt with has only cared about the issue date, so this really caught me off guard... 

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