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First time applying - chance me?

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Feeling like my stats are a bit on the low side but think I have strong ECs? Would really love and appreciate some feedback <3

ON Undergrad, going into 4th year

MCAT: 126/128/127/131

U of T gpa: 3.937

Ottawa gpa: 3.878

Queens cgpa: 3.872

Mac gpa: 3.872

McGill cGPA: 3.872, scienceGPA: 3.814

ECs: volunteer first responder for 2 years and trainer for the team, 1.5 years of research in a neuro lab with 3 posters (2/3 at an international conference), oral presentation at a conference, and submitting a first author paper in september hopefully. One poster award. Working various jobs part time during school and full time in summer , misc. sports, non-clinical volunteering from highschool (tutoring recent immigrants etc.)  I should also mention I'm submitting letters of extenuating circumstances for mcgill and u of t.

If I don't get in I'm thinking of doing a year of college in a non-science program - any thoughts on how this will be viewed by admissions committees? 

Thanks in advance :)

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UofT GPA is looking good, though ever so slightly below last year's average, meeting MCAT cutoffs. ECs look good to me. Get good LORs and write your essays well and get them read by someone you trust and you could very well have a competitive application.

uOttawa GPA looks to be weak-ish, unless you're applying to the French Stream. You do meet the cutoff tho, so a good casper could get you that II. All in all worth a shot

You seem to meet meet GPA and MCAT cutoffs for Queen's so the rest is up to your sketch. 

You're above average GPA wise for Mac, but 1 point below the MCAT average. Again, a good CASPer could get you that interview !

Don't know much about McGill, but I have heard the GPA needed for an OOP interview is quite high (3.9+). The academic portion counts for 70% I believe ? I'll let someone else comment on that. And I believe your college grades will not be counted on your GPA. If you're planning on getting a job with whatever program you plan on doing, I don't see the issue.

Good luck :) 

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