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Capacity to Work with Others?

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Hi guys,


I'm new to this forum and the UBC application process and could really use some advice. I'm trying to work on the non-academic section of the application and can't figure out how to differentiate activities that show my Capacity to Work with Others versus other activities I've participated in. Does anyone have any examples of what I should be including in this section? Am I able to include the same activity in different sections?



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Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I have lots of experience working with people with different backgrounds and age groups, however, most of that experience comes from paid work and I didn't think that you could post any employment activities in the non-academic section. Is that true?

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Sometimes I found that the activities I participated in could fit multiple sections. When this happened, I strategically placed them in sections that maximized my ability to have the most entries.

My GPA was >90%, for context, so I may have very well shit the bed in the NAQ and not actually know what I'm talking about.

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