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Chances and LOR

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Going into 4th yr undergrad and planning on applying next year. First year GPA doesn’t count as it didn’t meet credit requirements, but 2,3,4 will. 2nd ya GPA was 3.58, 3rd was 3.71, and awaiting 4th. Dedicating summer to prepare for classes in 4th so I can get a better GPA, as one of my years will be dropped (2nd), but last semester GPA was 3.88 so hoping I can keep it up :) also include courses like embryology, physiology, histology, etc. haven’t taken MCAT yet, but will study for it next summer - did study a bit this summer but need to work on CARS.  I don’t know anything yet really until I write MCAT but just food for thought! 

for LOR, would it be a big disadvantage using 2 from same source? I work for Public health authority doing research and it’s so rewarding with all the experience I learn. I also have some potential referees from professors, but I find it challenging how a professor, in general, can write on managerial, collaboration, or even advocacy experiences. Have some previous employers but they aren’t PHD or MD’s, which I don’t personally think should be required but that’s just my opinion! 



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As for chances... Look at the average GPA each year and know that there are outliers in both directions.

As for reference letters.. I would highly recommend getting different people from different organizations to write your letters for you. They do not need PhD's or MD's. I had a youth pastor, firefighter, and PhD student do my reference letters. You want the admissions committee to see all different aspects of your life and see that you are a well-rounded applicant. Also, you want a good relationships with your referees because the reference letters need specific examples which a random professor you had in the past won't be able to answer! 

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