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Hello everyone,

I am in quite the dilemma on how I should proceed as a premed student for the following two years. I'll give you some background.

I am a Carleton University graduate who graduated with a B.a in geography. I achieved a cgpa of 3.2, with a 3.6 my last two years (strong upward trend). I came to the conclusion that environmental geography wasn't my true calling and I wanted to get back to what I've always wanted to do which was work in health care (specifically doctor). I had always been discouraged and never thought that I would be able to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor, but my final two years, showed me I was capable of getting high grades and gave me the courage. (the reason i didn't study health sciences when i began my undergrad was because i lacked calculus and couldn't apply). My last year of my undergrad i took calc and achieved a high grade and applied to both health sciences and nursing (compressed)

Know I am stuck between doing another undergrad in health sciences, which would take me 2 and a half years or attend a compressed nursing program as my pre med. (i've already been accepted to both), and i am not sure which route would be the best to take. 

Are there any success stories of 2nd degree students specifically in nursing? and what would you recommend i take? 


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