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I'm going into my second year of a second degree at the University of Saskatchewan. 

I will be able to finish all courses with a mid 90 average and am wondering if my chances of being accepted into an Ontario medical school will be lower because I am an out-of-province student? 

All + any advice is much appreciated. 

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Not at all, apart from a couple Ontario schools, most of them don't care whether you are IP or OOP and have no quota unlike the rest of Canada. They do take note of applicants that come from rural Ontario and demographics like that, but your applicant pool will likely be the more common one that most people are in. 

So you won't be left out of a IP advantage or have to deal with increased OOP expectations, but that means that the competition is likely to be greater than what you'll find at UofS if you're IP there. However, your marks seem good so you have a good chance 

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30 minutes ago, member_225 said:

Ottawa has preference for Ottawa-area students? How do you know that? 

Not exactly a preference, but their GPA cutoff is lower for those from a geographic location. Still, they don't have quotas to fill.

McMaster does limit the number of interviews given to OOP which is likely to reflect in their final class selection. 

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