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Dal Med Objectives? for Personal Essay/Supplementary App

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Hi everyone!

I'm applying to Dal Med this year as an OOP, was just wondering if the dal's website is the only place to find the program's/school's objectives/values?

I'm looking at these links at the moment to tie my essay back to why I want to go here:




If there are any other links that you might know of, I'd really appreciate a share :) thanks in advance!

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Dal puts a lot of emphasis on the essay! It is good that you're considering it seriously! As an OOP it is MOST important to have a connection to the maritimes and understand why you are choosing to apply to Dal; it heavily factors into your ranking. For the general essay, the links you provided are good, here is a link (hope it works) to the dal objectives, which are based off of the CanMed guidelines: https://projects.cs.dal.ca/daedalus_med/daedalus/medical/browse/structures and http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/canmeds/canmeds-framework-e

You must remember that these objectives are what they expect when you graduate medical school, not necessarily possessing all of them prior! It is good to reflect on your experiences and education, in order to find examples of how you have or are beginning to develop those essential skills that will help you succeed in medicine. Prove to them that you are a well rounded, community conscious, and life long learner! 

Good luck!

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