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Looking for advice - non traditional route

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Hi all. Let me make this as succinct as possible. 

I have never really been good at school. 70's-80's in high school. My university grades range from B- to A+, and I have  two D's so far, in Chem 1 and 2. 

I'm not in a science program because my grades weren't good enough for admission. I took intro chem and I didn't do well. I did intro biology, and well I did good in the course but not the lab which brought my mark to a B. I stopped taking science courses since they were bringing my GPA down. 

I'm entering my third year in Arts. My grades are still not good. I struggle with motivation and have no discipline. I had a 3.3 first year and a 3.0 in my second. 

I'm not sure what I should do from here. I still want to go to med school and I don;t care how long it takes me.

I don't have the necessary background to write the MCAT, but I'm not sure how to take them without obliterating my GPA and I'm not sure I could teach that all to myself. 


Other stuff:

I have been volunteering at an on campus service for about a year, and have been a VP of a student group for a year. 

I'm hoping to get into research this year (biological anthropology/anatomy). My extracurriculars aren't much, but I want to improve them this year.


I haven't really done any cookie cutter premed stuff and I was hoping to use that to my advantage


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Take whatever undergraduate program you wish, but you must have a competitive GPA while taking a full course load if you are to begin to have a shot for an interview. Without that, you are dead in the water. Then, there is the MCAT, ECs, volunteering and work that demonstrate the competencies adcoms are looking for. 

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2 hours ago, avian2012 said:

I struggle with motivation and have no discipline.

Besides the obvious hurdle of the GPA not being high enough, that sentence I just quoted appears to be the biggest problem to me. It's good that you identified (one of) the problem, but you need to show that you are able to solve it. Until you get past it somehow, any attempt at improving your GPA in your current degree, taking a new degree, or writing the MCAT is not going to lead you to where you want to go. 

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