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You might fall below the CARS cutoff unfortunately :(  Your grad degrees won't help if that's the case.

I would retake and make sure I can get my CARS up, while keeping the other sections where they are (or higher). In Ontario at least, that score puts you at a huge disadvantage for Mac, disqualifies you from Toronto and Western and possibly Queens.

Good luck !


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18 hours ago, Pumpkin! said:

Hi everyone,

I just got back my MCAT results yesterday and I am a little bit disappointed with my CARS score... Could anyone advise as to whether I have a shot of getting an interview at Queens this year? Also, should I retake the MCAT?

MCAT 2018: Phys/Chem 128; CARS 124; Bio 128; Psych/Soc 129

Currently a 4th year PhD student doing clinical research with +3.9 GPA, several first-author publications in major psychiatry journals, +$100,000 in scholarships.

BSc Undergrad GPA: 1st year 3.33; 2nd year 3.1; 3rd year 3.86; 4th year 3.97

EC: 2 years as residence advisor/don; teaching assistant; +2 years with mental health clubs; 3 years of exec student council for department; lots of clinical research exp 


I know someone who had a 124 CARS and they fell below the CARS cutoff and didnt receive an interview at Queens.

Best bet would be to apply to uOttawa.  And while doing this application cycle, practice for CARS + do another MCAT.  

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