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AGPA Calculation Confusion

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Hello everyone,  I've just been experiencing a bit of confusion in regards to how GPA is weighted at UBC. I understand that up to 30 credits is dropped in your worst year.  However,  I wasn't sure if this is applied to students heading into their fourth year.  Given that I have completed three years of my undergraduate degree with 90 credits taken after the next fall/winter term,  will I be eligible to have my worst year dropped while applying during my fourth year,  or is the dropping of your worst year only applicable to students who have completed their degree?  Help would be appreciated :)

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12 hours ago, Ghost12 said:

its only applicable to people who apply with 120 credits completed by May of the application year. 

So if you apply this Sept, you would need 120 credits already completed by May of 2018 to get the adjustment. 

I see,  so I essentially need to be applying with a completed degree for this adjustment to happen. 

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