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Chances of Interview at Western?

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I am entering my fourth year at Waterloo and considering dentistry at Western but have seen the statistics it looks pretty competitive. Was just wondering if any one that has received an interview can let me know if my stats are competitive enough because I want to know if it is even worth applying really..

My GPA for western will be 89.52 and I am taking the DAT this November. By the looks of it the average for acceptance for reading and AA is around 21 (not sure if they look at PAT scores?)

- have many shadow hours

- dad is a dental student alumni at Western 

- volunteer hours (ex. food banks, old peoples homes, etc) 


- TA for many biology/chemistry courses (9 courses total)

- president/founder of Pre-Dental club at my university (since F16)

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2 hours ago, Futur3 said:

It'll come down to how you portray your ECs to be unique in your ABS and personal statement (ie. what makes you stand out above others?) and your DAT RC score. The better you do in each, the higher your chances. To be fair, my DAT scores were all below 20 and I was accepted this year, but my ECs were strong (pubs, healthcare employment, public speaking, etc.). Just make sure you hit the RC cut-off which is usually between 18-19 (varying each year), because that's the only part of the DAT looked at pre-interview. Best of luck!


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