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Hi all,

Looking to apply to med school this year, heres my stats,


1st year - 2.84

2nd - 3.01

3rd - 3.93

4th - 3.89

MCAT - 512 (128/128/128/128)

ECs - lots of research, clinical volunteering in Canada and internationally (Europe and Asia) etc.

I was diagnosed with ADD in the summer after my second year, explaining the weird GPA trend.

I’m currently looking to apply in Ontario, but I fear that I will only be competitive for Queens with my cGPA and 128 CARS score. I don’t want to ask schools directly about their mental health policies as im worried I may get blacklisted somehow.

Could anyone provide some advice? 

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If you took full course loads every year, you'll have wGPA for UofT. Your wGPA may still turn out to be pretty mediocre given the high average at UofT, but UofT does consider an academic explanations essay if you want to write about your ADD. It clearly shows that you were better able to manage your studying once you dealt with the diagnosis. I can't speak about whether there is bias against such illness but it looks like you're capable of doing well and that your ADD wouldn't prevent you from handling med courses. 

Also Queens will probably use your 2 most recent year for GPA calculation (instead of cGPA), which is good for you

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