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If it's your dream, you should apply every single time you are given the opportunity.
There is one thing you need to learn about this process : no one knows.
Some 4.0 students don't get interviews while some 3.4 get in.
Why? How? Who cares?

If you don't apply, your chances of getting accepted are 0%.
If you do apply, your chances of getting accepted are more than 0%.

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I would say definitely apply if it is your dream! Every year admission averages change. This year I am not sure the exact average was, but I heard 24 got off the wait list, which is quite significant compared to the year before (11).  Also, since CASPER is looked at now, GPA is even looked at less - and I do think you have a fair shot at an interview as long as your CV and Casper are decent!! 

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Two years ago I was invited with a GPA of 3.6 so it's possible if you have a nice CV, personnal statement and CASPER.

I expect that the mean GPA might go down a bit as they will only consider applicants who had above a certain score at the DAT (https://mcgill.ca/dentistry/4-year-dmd-program/requirements#DAT )



The Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) will be required for applicants seeking admissions into our D.M.D. program for entry in fall 2019. The DAT must be completed no later than February of the application year (e.g. February 2019 for submission of an application by November 2019). The test scores will be considered valid up to 5 years from the date the exam was taken.

NOTE: Exceptionally this year, applicants who completed the DAT on November 3rd, 2018 will be considered for admission into the DMD program for entry in fall 2019.


Only the following two components of the DAT are used in the assessment of an application:

  1. Perceptual Ability Test - minimum required score of 15 out of 30
  2. Manual Dexterity Test - minimum required score of 6 out of 30


Those are minimum scores to be met in order to be considered for admission into our DMD program. The DAT scores will not be used in determining an applicant's ranking.


I just discovered this today, I just assumed there were no changes from last year's requirements... I wish I checked before, now it is a bit too late to start preparing as the last date to take the DAT for Mcgill is november 3rd. I don't want to risk paying more than 300$ and not getting the score I need because I didn't prepare? :mellow:

I hate when they put an expiration date on test results, for UdeM the DAT never expires, I did the DAT 8 years ago and my scores were great, how would my dexterity and perception skills have decreased? <_< 

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Hi I have applied to several private schools Northeastern US schools, U of T and western, and Irish schools. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on my chances. I have not yet received any interviews from US schools and don't know if I have missed the boat.

Degree: BScH in Life Sciences with Minor in Computing

cGPA: 3.51/4.0
science GPA: 3.48/4.0
Best two years for western: 90.92%

Canadian DAT:
AA: 20
BIO: 19
CHEM: 20
PAT: 22
RC: 20
TS: 19

-100 hours shadowing
-1 summer working in dental office
-1 summer in neuroscience research
-1 summer in human mobility research with computing element
-President of club that raises money for children with CHD (started club's first conference)
-2 (going on 3) semesters as TA in computing

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