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wGPA - Do I meet the requirements?

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I wanted this to be brief, but I know it won't be. I am hopeful that I may be able to meet the requirements but I would like to confirm my understanding of the policies/clarify these with my particular situation. It's a bit complicated so I will try my best to explain.

I completed (graduated from) a 4 yr BSc. degree in 3 years by taking courses over the summers and an overload of courses in my final year (6 courses per semester instead of 5). My GPA in each first and second year (September-April) would not be sufficient (they are below 3.7). I also had one semester with only 4 courses (rather than 5) in my second year. My only potential qualifying year would be my last year. That being said, I do not have two years that meet the 3.7 cut-offs but I would complete an additional "special year" should I be eligible. 

Here are my dilemmas/reasons why I might not qualify for the special year:

My final year (September-April, full-time) MIGHT be good enough depending on whether or not they look at all of the courses taken that year. If they look at all 12 courses taken that year, I fall short with a 3.6 GPA but if they look at the best 10 courses, I would have a 3.8 GPA. Out of those 10 courses, 7 would be third and fourth-year courses, which should be good for the 3/5 rule. 

On their website it says:

"When students take more than 5 full courses during any September to April academic year, the five best full or equivalent courses will be used in the calculation of GPA admission cutoffs."

However, I don't know if that rule still applies for students if that would be the only year that qualifies the student prior to the "special-year". 

I'm also unsure if they would still look at my weighted GPA because I had a semester that was not full-time (second year, not the year they would be looking at). 

They stated on their website that: 

"Students who complete a degree with a year amounting to less than a full course load cannot have that year counted toward the GPA requirement."

My understanding is that it's okay if you have taken some part-time studies but they will not be used for GPA calculation. Which means I would be okay in this case. 

Finally, I am not sure if I actually qualify to take a "special-year" due to the fact that I completed a masters degree after my undergrad. I never took any additional undergraduate courses after I graduated but I am afraid that having taken a masters degree may disqualify me from having the option of a special year. 

Recap of potential disqualifiers: 

1. My only qualifying year won't qualify if they look at all my courses that year rather than the best 10.

2. I took one semester of part-time studies outside of the qualifying year. 

3. I completed a graduate degree after my undergrad. 

If you are still reading this, you are amazing. Thank you for your time and input. I will eventually contact the admissions office to clarify as well but I wanted to see if anyone else might have some insight first. I will provide an update once I hear from them in case this helps anyone else. 

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ah, that was a bit long but no worries :)

let's see if we can figure it out - first off they will only take under their current rules your best 10 courses on your last year so if you are at 3.8 with that you are fine. They never do anything with a wGPA so that just doesn't matter. No where does it say you cannot take a special year after a masters degree. So to recap:

1) they will look at your best 10 courses in that year as it is overloaded

2) completely irrelevant

3) shouldn't matter either as per their policies. 

and absolutely contact them to confirm, and in particular to plan out that special year to make sure it will count (since you only get one etc). 

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