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As part of the Masters of Physician Assistant Program at the University of Manitoba, you are asked to submit a grammatically correct statement of intent addressing four questions, including "The reasoning and identifying the rationale for choosing a specific applicant pool". Can someone please clarify what this means?

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Hi Victoria,

On the 2019 MPAS Admissions Bulletin, starting on page 4, you can find all the information re: Applicant Pools.

From the Bulletin:  


Applicant Pools

Attributes within each of the following domains or pools may contribute to a numerical coefficient for modification of the composite score for selection of candidates for interview and ranking of applicants for the offer of admission. If you feel you qualify for one of the identified applicant pools, you are required to address your reasoning in your applications statement.

An application for admission and the supporting documentation are personal information and are confidential, pursuant to its obligations under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Information about applications is used for the purpose of assessing the candidate’s suitability for admission and making reasonable accommodations. Information about successful applicants will form part of the student’s file and used solely for academic purposes.

It then goes on to continue to describe the various applicant pools: 

  • Manitoba
  • Rural Attributes
  • Out of Province Applicant
  • Indigenous Applicant
  • Socioeconomic and Cultural Diversity 
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