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Research experience in a foreign country through MITACS


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Hello everyone, I hope you're enjoying these last few weeks before classes start up again. I have a question about the possible benefits and drawbacks of conducting research abroad. A professor at my university is preparing a team of students to conduct a nursing research study in Brazil, for three months next summer, through MITACS. In the interest of gaining research experience, I've applied to be a research assistant on this team. However,  I'm wondering if the amount of time I'll have to commit to it wouldn't be better spent elsewhere? I'm working on getting my Portuguese up to a passable level, I'll be trained as a research assistant throughout the year, and the study itself will take three months in another country. That's a lot of time to be dedicating to just this one study. My biggest concern is that medical schools in Canada and the US might not consider research conducted in another country as equal to research done in Canada or the US, because of possible differences in standards or methods. On the other hand, the whole purpose of MITACS is to connect researchers at different institutions across the world, and I don't believe my professor would be willing to put her name on a study that she thought might be sub-par. Does anyone else have any experience working with MITACS? Is this a good opportunity, or would the time I'd need to commit to it be better spent elsewhere? Also, if anyone else has any questions or information on conducting research outside of North America, please feel free to share. 

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