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The MMI at Dal does not ask any questions about your CV. In fact, the interviewers are blinded to any personal info besides your name. That being said, you have opportunity to talk about your experience/life in the MMI style interview, there just won't be a direct question about it. MMI questions are looking at your critical thinking and inter-personal skills. There are many examples on the internet about MMI questions. Many deal with ethics, current topics, healthcare, vulnerable populations, etc. Its important to understand why you want to be a doctor and reflecting on that can certainly help you prepare some quick responses about your experiences, but again, no direct personal questions. 

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Even though it is super doper unlikely, you don’t want to be blinded sided on will be your most important interview in your life. Know your CV and be ready to talk about it. I don’t think it’s crazy for an interviewer to ask you, “what is your most important EC” or something along these lines. “Traditional” questions are fair game!

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