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I really need advice!! I have a couple of questions about admission to DDS programs in dental schools across Canada

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Dalhousie is my top school and as far as I know, they look at your last two years including the higher science courses. The thing is I took 2/3 of the higher level science courses (biochem and microbiology, A- in each) in my second year  but that was the year that my GPA had improved but was still fairly low (might have been between 2.5-3). If they look at your last two years, How will they incorporate the higher science courses I took in second year? 

My third year is not looking so great as I got a C- and a C which really brought down my GPA to a 3.66 but the two courses I got those marks in were for elective courses (philosophy and personality psych). Would they take that into consideration if I've generally done well in my sciences courses? 

I took summer courses this year and it technically falls within the last two years they assess. One of the courses was the second part of the higher science courses that was not required but I took it for my minor and received an A-. Would taking the extra course mean anything to them? Do they also look at transfer courses you took at other institutions because the other summer course I had to take was not offered at my school and I had to take it elsewhere. Do summer courses even mean anything to them or do they just focus on the fall/winter terms.

I'm going into my last year but in the fall I registered for 4 classes, 2 of which had labs and in the winter I registered for 5 courses and 2 of which have labs as well. I really want to raise my GPA and this far in, I would have to get an overall A to A+ average in my last year to really boost my average but I did not want to risk getting a lower GPA by taking on more courses. Is that a bad idea?

Also, would anyone know the GPA cutoffs for interviews invites for dental schools across Canada? Specifically Dalhousie but I was not able to find any stats online.

Sorry I know this is kind of long but I'm just really anxious about this year and I want to get in more than anything.

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I don't know too much about Dalhousie since I only applied to Canadian universities, so I won't comment on that. With regards to your question about GPA cutoffs, in my rejection letter from University of Toronto, they noted that they had over 500 applicants and the average GPA of those interviewed was 3.93, with an AA score of 22 and PAT of 20. 

This link also shows admission statistics for the past few years at UBC.

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They’ll take your most recent two year gpa and the marks of your science courses. Some speculate that just marks and dat get you an interview. Most people have 85+ at least. If you are serious about it you might want to buck up and take 5 courses each semester and get over 90 and apply next year! Or do a supplemental year if you feel your gpa is too low after that..

also they don’t care about what course you got a bad mark in outside of the pre reqs! So even if those were bad they don’t really care. Get 100 in those

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