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Hey guys!


I'm wondering what I should do about a long-term activity for the ABS. I have been playing two instruments for about 9 years now and I would like to include it on my sketch. My question is since we are only allowed to include activities from the age of 16 and onwards when I tally up the hours for this activity, should I just calculate it from age 16 and on or should I put the actual amount of hours invested in this activity since I was 10 years old? If I do this from age 10, the total amount of hours will be over 2000. 


Is this fair game for the ABS or will adcoms look at this suspiciously since the number of hours seems (at least to me) unusually high?


Thank you SO much to anyone who replies and so sorry if this thread is in the wrong spot (not a frequent poster)! :)

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