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I love you all in advance for your honest feedback, albeit it be as harsh as Canada’s winters or as sweet as the peach drink from Timmies. Enough with the bad analogies, here’s the summary:


24 years old. Currently in 2nd gap year Ontarian  post grad, working to reduce that $30k debt. Fluent, not native, in French. Native in Russian, basic Italian

GPA: 4.0 after McGills conversion. 3.95 otherwise.


-honours thesis in a molec/biochem lab (results credited during supervisor’s conference presentation; he also happens to be a past department head, univ prof emeritus and the coordinator for Gairdner at York- does any of that matter??); lead to abstract publication and oral presentation (on my behalf) at a conference.

-~100 hours as an exec on mental health club (organized a couple of big projects and conferences)

- ~100 hours as a research assistant in clinical research (VOLUNTEER)

-~200 hours hospice doing home visits for the same patient in palliative care

-part time job at a small business/local salon I’ve had since 2013 and haven’t quit yet because I’ve built a very close relationship w the owner and it’s a minute from my house. I’m also currently an assistant manager there 

-another recent job I’ve taken up at a medical assistant, so far at 75 hours and counting 

-over 400 hours shadowing family doctor and surgeries at Sunnybrook 

-started my own catering company I run part/full time dep. on demand. I carve literal flowers out of any fruit you want, it’s been my artistic channel for over a year. 

-full time caretaker of my ill grandma whom I live with (not sure if worth mentioning that but that has been a big reason it’s been difficult to find a full-time ‘real job’)

-every month, I try to get some ppl from my neighbourhood together to pick up garbage around the mailboxes and to offer to put up “slow down, kids at play” signs on ppls front lawns bc it’s a residential area yet ppl speed 70+. I’ve been doing this for over 3 years and I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning since most of the time I just end up going alone 

-some hospital and clinic volunteering when I was 18

-participated in sanofi aventis biotech challenge when I was 17 - did research in a cancer lab for an entire school year; poster presentation and a paper at the end

-not many awards except for scholarship, deans list and first class w distinction grad

-hobbies include: regularly attending the francophone community meetings (cafe conversation style) and organizing some myself; an avid gym goer (swimmer)

-let’s talk science community outreach but only 20 hours under my wing - I do it from time to time 

-written mcat twice if that matters

-during my second gap year, I went back to take a full year prereq physics course which ran 4 days a week 11-12 which also limited some of the full-time job searching 

I really want to attend McGill. Not only am I in love with the city and would love to move there in a heartbeat, but going there for medical school would mean my family isn’t far from me (were first gen. immigrants and it’s been tough getting everyone together finally and ideally I don’t want to leave by moving too, too far).

Please provide me with any feedback, that will preferably not crush my fragile heart.

Thank you.





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