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Hi guys,

I was wondering whether or not to include the TRAINING I received to become a volunteer as a separate entry in ABS or not. The reason I am asking, is because I have two volunteer positions, one in hospice and one as a research assistant, and both required I complete very lengthy online training and online certifications. For example, for hospice, it was a 13 hour online training that required tests, small essays on a range of topics ranging from palliative care, infectious diseases, caregiver stress, ethics and so on. Likewise for the research assistant position, because it is connected to a long-term care facility, all volunteers had to undergo training on how to care for elderly patients, modules on ethics etc even though my position doesn't have anything to do with that. I am wondering if it's worth making separate entries for these things, or if it is self-explanatory that all volunteer positions must have included training? Thank you!

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1 minute ago, caramilk said:

Wondering this as well. I was trained and certified as an emergency first aid instructor for a job. Is this certification appropriate to include under 'other' on OMSAS if I have room? Or is it "padding" to include training/certifications? Thanks! 

Very good question. I hope someone can provide some insight, as I don't want to put it and cause eye-rolls from the adcom, yet I personally believe my training wasn't just some simple presentation with snacks at the end. If there was more character space allowed for descriptions, then I would have added the training to it, but with only 150 characters to spare, I committed the space to actually describing what I did for said job/volunteer position... 

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