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Do you think that the admissions committee places value on which institution one received their undergraduate Degree? When I look at admissions statistics, I see that most people that are accepted are from McMaster whereas fewer people are taken from other schools. Only 4 students were taken from York last cycle and some supposedly good schools like Waterloo aren't even on the list! 

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5 hours ago, DoctorArts said:

No, I don't think they do, which is the problem. Some schools have lower average GPAs and it hurts those applicants. Also, some schools, like McMaster, have programs that draw a lot of ambitious students into their premed programs, so they are overrepresented.

On an unrelated note, you only applied to NYU in the states?

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Yes, it's my lottery ticket hahah. (NYU is free now). If I have to do another cycle, I'll add more. 


Anecdotally speaking, however, I am confident when I say that Canada has no consistency in terms of grading between schools. GPA is a crap measure in general and is severely impacted by socioeconomic status, program, and school. 

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