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I have a bit of an interesting course load history and I'm hoping someone can clarify some things for me:


1st year: 4 courses/ semester

2nd year: 5 courses/ semester

3rd year: 5 courses/ semester

4th year: 5 courses/ semester but TWO pass/fail courses in ONE semester


My first question is if I am even eligible to apply (which I think I am because I have 3 full-time academic years -2nd,3rd,4th)

My second question is how my wGPA would be calculated? (4th year definitely doesn't count but would 1st year still count?)


Bit last minute, but thanks guys!

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You are eligible to apply!

Year 4 is void because of 2 pass fail course in one semester. 

Year 3 x 3

Year 2 x 2

Year 1 x 1

Your year 1 counts because you can take the remainder 2 courses in the summer OR in another academic year. In that case, they will use your year 4 to complete the 10 course/year requirement. That being said the 2 courses in year 4 wont be used for GPA calculation.

Good luck!

Mr Duck

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Hello Mr. Duck, 

I have a similar question.  I read something on another thread that has made me second guess my application.  I have: 

1st year: 5 courses 1st semester, 6 courses 2nd semester

Several years of part time studies (2-4 courses per semester, no summer courses, all in either fall/winter semesters)

3rd year: 4 courses 1st semester, 5 courses 2nd semester

4th year: 4 courses 1st semester, 5 courses 2nd semester

I understand that the 6th course from my first year can be applied to my 3rd year, making it full time.  What about the 5th course still needed for the 4th year?  Can that be drawn from my part-time studies?  The part time studies were completed towards the same degree. I thought this was ok but on another thread I read that the extra course needs to be taken from a year that has more than 5 courses per semester (?), or during the summer (Fall & winter don't count?)?

Any clarification would be awesome if you happen to know!

Thanks :) 

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