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OMSAS cannot submit application Error

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1 minute ago, Acceptmenextcyclehowbowdah said:

No, but if this doesn't work out in the next 7 hours, I'm 100% jumping on a class action haha

You might want to read the fine print on the OMSAS page before doing anything. You're not entitled to a medical school application, and they do advise students to apply well in advance. 

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Talked to lady on phone, basically its extended until evening (today). I asked specifically what time they said they dont know as they are unsure when it will be fixed by. I also asked if this wo

It keeps alternating between the proxy error and cannot process app at this time

Better question - anyone lucky enough to be part of the minority to submit before the deadline? Can't disqualify 50% of the population.   

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Okay, I submit my application at 0330. I was getting errors at first but then it went through. Now when I log in, it says that "application being processed". I guess that means it's all good? I'm so paranoid that I'll miss the extended deadline...even though I've submitted it already. 

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7 minutes ago, bival said:

I submitted my application, but the website shut down right as I was about to pay. Now on the website it's saying my application has been submitted and I have submitted my payment but I never put in any payment info...anyone have this issue? 

did this happen at around 3? or now?

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