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I was once told by a potential PI that if I express interest in research, medical schools would not appreciate it because there are hardly any MDs with basic labs, although he himself had his very own basic lab. He also said that I should not be interested in pursuing a specialty because more than 60% of the graduating class becomes family docs. SO I feel that I didn’t quite get the direction I had wanted, or a clear reasoning concerning why I shouldn’t pursue my passions. I am interested in researching heart failure at the genomics level, or something along the lines of physiology. 

Also, is it possible to pursue basic lab research in med school and residency with hopes of pursuing it alongside a career as a surgeon, etc? DO you guys know of anyone? 

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For the sake of applications, med schools like if you have research experience. It's something that they'll try to expose you to during med studies as well. Doesn't matter if in basic or clinical sciences. Some residency programs also require you do research, and I imagine basic research would be acceptable. I know of a resident in surgery doing research although I don't know of what nature. 

I don't understand his reason for why you shouldn't pursue a specialty.

Now for research as a career it is true that a smaller proportion of doctors go on the clinician scientist route but you shouldn't be discouraged from exploring that possibility 

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