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Hi there, 

I'm not a traditional applicant yet, but in the future I may consider applying to medicine. Before I can do that, I would have to go back for a special year at the very least. I was hoping to hear about others' experiences on leaving work and their current careers to go back to full time studies. How was this adjustment like for you emotionally and academically? What are some challenges that you may have faced? One thing that deters me are the financial consequences of leaving work for a year to study for the MCAT + complete a year of full time studies, while having student loans to pay off. Then there is the worry that after working for a few years and being out of school, it may be struggle for me to re-integrate myself into full time academics. Lastly, there is the disheartening reality of it all which is that it may still not be enough to earn an interview/acceptance. It has been difficult for me to find a balance between staying positive and being realistic.

I would love to hear stories what your experiences have been like and how you overcame these difficulties. Also if anyone here has studied for the MCAT while having a full-time job, I would appreciate some insight into how this process may have been for you as well. Your insight is much appreciated

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There were two people in my med class with a similar situation.

One man was 42. He was working for a while and went back to finish his PhD so he could apply to medicine. 

The second was a woman in her late 30s with two kids. She also had to quit her full time job, study part time and was accepted into medicine.

I can tell you that for both cases, there was definitely a financial concern. The concern is your expenses for those 4 years in medical school before you start making a salary. However, the banks give you a huge line of credit when you get in. It seems like a lot of debt, but if you plan properly you can pay it off in up in less 10 years after you start working.

Also for both, despite the financial difficulty and the debt, they were 100% happy and did not regret their decision.

What is better? Living  a comfortable lifestyle your whole life but always regretting not following your dream? Or living a very comfortable life with 10 harder years in between but knowing you are doing something you are passionate about?

Passion = ability to overcome difficulties. Find the former and you will solve the latter.

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