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International/Global Health Electives in Med School?

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I'm really interested in doing global health/international electives and practicing medicine in resource poor settings/ underserved areas, but  I was wondering how doing international electives may affect my overall use of my elective time?  Would it be viewed negatively when it comes to Carms because I may not be able to obtain reference letters or make connections for my residency application? Or am I overthinking it (?)

Just wanted to hear your experience about doing international electives in med school, if anyone has done them and if they found them to be a good experience(?). Did it allow you to learn how to practice medicine in underserved areas ? What challenges did you encounter? 

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I did an international elective, i found it was useful because it was a great conversation topic and unique aspect of my application. Certain schools have more opportunities than others. For example, I would be more cautious about doing these things at Calgary and Quebec schools because many of these schools have less elective time, but schools like UBC and Mac have a lot of elective time and are suited to this. You can also consider taking your summer between 2nd and 3rd year and doing an international elective. I would also recommend doing these electives earlier on as opposed to closer to CaRMS. 

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