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Pharmacy admission with GPA -Udem/waterloo


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I will be completing my Bachelors in Biochemistry at Concordia University (3.65 GPA out of 4.3) next semester (with only A's in the past three semesters) but only having taken part time (3-4 classes per semester). I was wondering if there is any chance of getting into pharmacy either at Waterloo or Udem. I have been a laboratory technician for 4 years at my local pharmacy, and I don't know if this would help my application (it seems like Udem doesn't even ask for experience in the application?). I also have shadowed other pharmacists (2) in other pharmacies, let alone worked with 4 different pharmacists at my own work. I can also get a written recommendation from over 5 pharmacists. 


If I have a better chance of going into another program for 1 or two semesters full time and getting a better GPA, I'm also willing to do that. But then comes the question; which program do I go into to apply to pharmacy? 

Anybody here get in to either pharmacy schools only having a GPA? and what was your GPA when you got in?/got refused?

I truly appreciate anybody's intake and wish anyone applying or trying to get those grades, good luck! 


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