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What count as public health experience for MPH in Ontario Canada?

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I am an international student with a 4 years Bachelors in Dental Surgery.I have worked in a clinical setting as a dentist for one year and now want to apply for a masters in public health.

I feel I need more experience in public health field that would help me get admission in a competitive MPH program.

But  I am confused as to what kind of work/volunteer experience counts as public health experience and which would be helpful for my admission application.

I am in Ontario Canada and would welcome some advice in this regards and also welcome suggestions on how to go about applying for the suggested work.

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Working or volunteering at a Public Health Unit would be a good start I assume? Or Public Health Ontario, or Public Health Agency of Canada. But usually to work there you need, well, a public health related degree ( MPH, M.Sc epi, B.A.Sc in public Health). Can always contact the schools you're interested in to see what they consider PH experience and how in-depth they want.

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Who to ask:

1. schools themselves

2. people who've been admitted to the program.

3. Something that I've always done that I found to be helpful for any post-grad program I've applied to, is creeping people on LinkedIn. Look up what people who are where you want to be have done. Gives you an idea of what types of experiences is "good enough" and opportunities you can pursue, and organizations that take on students. If those people fill in descriptions for their roles, even better- you can draw inspirations for keywords or ways of phrasing things on your own resume.

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Hello there! I would consider directing you to the public health and preventative medicine residents from UofT as they also have the opportunity to work with Public Health Ontario. 

As for public health experience... I would refer to the six public health functions in Canada 

1. Health protection (industrial/restaurant/community inspections, air/water quality, communicable disease follow up)

2. Health surveillance (health surveys, cancer registries, tracking of emerging health concerns [non-communicable and communicable diseases], early detection systems for outbreaks)

3. Disease prevention and injury (immunization programs [including the production, adverse events reporting and investigations], cancer screening programs, outbreak investigators) 

4. Population health assessment (health status reports in the community)  

5. Health promotion (advocacy, building partnerships, improving physical and social infrastructure [ex. neighborhood planning]) 

6. Disaster response (bioterrorism, natural diasters, pandemics, mass gathering medicine)

Among these also includes addictions and inner city medicine. 

Most of the work that contributes to these points require organizational work or working with someone who specializes in those specific fields (MOHs in particular) 

I would look for experiences that interest you from these functions... 

Best of luck,

- G

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