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Med school with low GPA?

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Realistically, what are my chances for getting into med school with a subpar GPA? My overall GPA is just past the minimum requirements for alberta medical schools however I do have a very strong upward trend in grades (mid-high 2s for my first few years (mainly jr. courses) and high 3s in my last two years in which most of my classes are senior levels ((3.7-3.9)). My first few years at university were plagued with an unfortunate medical diagnosis, depression, suicidal ideation, many hospital visits.. it was a rough time for me. But, I got help and persevered and now im doing very well in my classes. I have good ECs with volunteer experience, research assistant experience, MANY leadership roles, doctor shadowing, self-growth such as learning new languages and going to therapy to learn how to deal with unfortunate situations.. Considering all this, and if i get a stellar MCAT score, is it possible to get accepted? Would pursuing a masters help at all in this case? 


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I would say that it is possible. An example of a school that looks at your top two years is Schulich in London, so you wouldn't have to sorry about your GPA as much. If you are out of the SWOMEN area, you would have to get a pretty high MCAT score (esp. CARS). 

Overall, look into different schools' requirements because you definitely can apply.

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