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Canadian practicing in the states

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Does anyone have any experience with this at all? Im familiar with the board exam process etc, but just wondering what strategy one takes when looking for actual employment in the states, as a Canadian dentist? Looking to practice on either the east or west coast after school. Im not worried about saturation right now. Any information really at all is appreciated. 

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I have a bunch of family in the states and I personally shifted to the states when I got my green card but I’m still in dental school. Generally from what I’ve seen, the employment climate in the states is great. As a Canadian with no green card (I’m assuming?), you’ll need to enter under TN visa. Pretty easy to get but as for seeking employment, remember your competing against American grads. You’ll need to convince prospective employers that you should be chosen over local dentists, that’s the biggest hurdle. Also I was told that you cannot purchase a practice under TN visas, you will need to process for permanent residency to be able to do that. There are good opportunities available on the east and west coast, I’ve seen saturation being a bigger issue in Canada than the states recently. Hope this helps.

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