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Engineering to Dental - prerequisites and length?

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Hi All

I am a computer science professional (BS in Computer science 3.6 GPA (India) and Masters in Computer science 3.8 GPA (Masters)) with 10 yrs of work experience in the USA. I recently moved to Canada (PR) and with a change in physical location I am thinking of a career change to dentistry. To make this decision I want to know the actions I need to take and how long it will take to have a license to practice. My decision would be mainly on the time to complete, financial obligations and its recovery.


I see there are pre- requisites to get into dental school. I have taken 1 chemistry, 1 physics and 1 calculus in my 1st year of under graduation. Would I still need to complete 1 Organic Chemistry, 2 Biology courses before taking DAT?  If yes how long would it take ?  How much would it cost ? Can I get scholarship/grants based on my earlier experience or during the study?  Can I apply for loans (fed or private)?

I am aware dental school takes 4 years but is there a way to shorten this, like take classes in summer etc or more courses per semester?

What are the financial aids available (fed loans, grants schlorships) ?

What is the job market like for dentists currently (GTA and rural) and what does it look like in 5 years (any studies .. forecasts) ?

Average Salary of dentists in Canada (GTA, Vancouver and rural ares) ? 

Can I use my dental degree from Canada and practice in USA ? Can I use the TN visa provision to move to USA for work ?

 Thanks in advance



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