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While this is a very exciting day for many this can be a devastating day for others. For that reason, I am leaving the number for Crisis Services Canada - 1-833.456.4566. Wishing everyone the best whe

For me just letting time pass always helps. It can feel slow but as my memories become more distant so do my feelings associated with them. Failure is a part of life and everyone goes through it so yo

If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me. I was rejected last year so I know how it feels. If you feel this is your calling apply again next year. Use the rejection as motivation and don

Hi there, I'm applying for the next cycle of OT at UBC. I am a current RA, with 1 year left of undergrad. I have lots of OT/PT/SLP assistant experience, grades are around 90% avg. Looking for any advice/tips/experiences to share.

Also, I know application says they look at last 15 upper level courses for GPA, but only 6 upper level courses are required to be complete at time of admission. How does this work? I'll have 12 upper level complete by time of admission. 

Thank you!!

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4 hours ago, Hopefulpt2019 said:


Does anyone know how much movement the OOP waitlist for UofA PT usually has?

Or if you know anyone who was waitlisted OOP and got in?

I’m in the same boat. Unfortunately, U of A doesn’t provide applicants with info re: their place on the waitlist. 

I expect there will be considerable movement on May 17 and May 21. 

Good luck

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On 5/13/2019 at 2:26 PM, PT-applicant said:

But u did ur undergrad at U of T right? We r trying to figure out if someone didn't do their undergrad at U of T how they got access to ACORN and like if they received the email about activating ACORN way back when we first submitted applications or if it was after the CAP

Did anyone applying to PT who didnt already attend UofT get info to login into ACORN? I saw some people have been able to.. just wondering if an email was sent out with that info and if so when?

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1 minute ago, PThopeful18 said:

Waitlisted to both Western and Queen's PT (#53 for them). Realistically don't see Queen's going down that far. It'll be a wait and see thing all summer for me 

How are you able to see your #? For Western in particular. 

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1 minute ago, PThopeful18 said:

Only for Queen's, and its in the email. Western will email with your spot later. Although I see 3 2019 in the portal so i think its the lower third position for them

I see, thanks! Best of luck. 

FYI, I have the 3 2019 as well and noticed it before today. 

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