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On 6/10/2019 at 8:25 AM, PTwannabee said:

Applied to u of a for PT 

Waitlisted, was told I was in the bottom third. 

sGPA 3.79 and cGPA 3.4

how many people have been wait listed and has anyone gotten in off the list??

I am also waitlisted in the bottom two thirds. Hoping for the best at this point!

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While this is a very exciting day for many this can be a devastating day for others. For that reason, I am leaving the number for Crisis Services Canada - 1-833.456.4566. Wishing everyone the best whe

For me just letting time pass always helps. It can feel slow but as my memories become more distant so do my feelings associated with them. Failure is a part of life and everyone goes through it so yo

If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me. I was rejected last year so I know how it feels. If you feel this is your calling apply again next year. Use the rejection as motivation and don

1 hour ago, PTPlease. said:

I am also waitlisted in the bottom two thirds. Hoping for the best at this point!

Double check where you are in the list! On May 6th I was told I was in the bottom third but then last week I was told I was in the top quarter. I think the 2 waves of emails shuffled the list. 

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On 5/17/2019 at 5:49 PM, PTbrah said:

For future applicants:

Applied: All PT - UBC, UofT, McMaster, Queens, Western, Dal; [UK: Oxford Brookes, Queen Margaret, Manchester Met, Brunel, Brighton, Essex]
Accepted: [UK: Oxford Brookes, Manchester Met, Brunel]
Waitlisted: Dal; [UK: Essex]
Rejected: UBC, UofT, McMaster, Queens, Western
cGPA: 3.64/4.33
sGPA: 3.61/4 ORPAS; 3.75/4.3 Dal; 82.1% UBC
Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Essays - I didn't write them at the last minute. I had some physio students, friends, and physios review them. Unfortunately, my sGPA was below the cut-off for Queens (3.73) which means that my personal statement probably didn't get looked at. I presume this was the case for other Canadian schools, except Dal, perhaps. Interviews - I had an interview at McMaster, Dalhousie and four UK schools. For these, my friends and I asked each other questions and criticized each other's answer in preparation. References - I have good and professional relationships with each of my references (two professors and one volunteer-supervisor). I didn't wait until the last minute to ask them to write me a letter. Extra-curricular - 100 hours as an assistant athletic trainer for a Sr. A Lacrosse team; 100 hours as a physiotherapy volunteer in a neuro setting; 34 hours as a practicum student in a cardio-respiratory setting (practicum hours may not have counted but I could still talk about this experience in my personal statement); 2 hours in a pediatric setting; 4 hours in an orthopedic setting. I was an executive member of a club at our university. I also participated in several community volunteering activities over the past few years.

For applicants considering applying to the UK, apply early. Apply to as many reputable schools as possible. There are no application fees. I submitted my UK applications in Oct '18 for programs starting Sept '19. I received my first offer of admission in Nov '18. None of my UK offers of admission have expired yet. 

I chose not to apply to Australia because of the discouraging tuition rates.

Congratulations to those who received an offer of admission this year. To those who didn't, you're not alone; persevere.
I'm open to answering questions via direct message.

Update: accepted at Dalhousie

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On 6/23/2019 at 11:39 PM, PTwannabee said:

Double check where you are in the list! On May 6th I was told I was in the bottom third but then last week I was told I was in the top quarter. I think the 2 waves of emails shuffled the list. 

Thanks for the advice! I sent them an email today. Are you still waiting to hear?

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Hi everyone! 

I unfortunately didn't get into PT after my second year of applying. I have been starting to map up my plan to build a stronger application this year, but really seeking some guidance to help me along the way. If anyone else was also/is also in the same boat as mine, I would really appreciate a moment to tell you my situation and ask for advice. 

Just message me :)


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I contacted the office a few days ago and I found out I was in the first quarter, but I don't know how many are even on the list. Did you hear anything back after you contacted them?

They said all seats are full so now it's just a matter of someone dropping from their position. They said the number of people in the past who drop spots is typically 1 or 2 but depends on the year. I don't think they've really dropped down the waitlist at all, and most people who were sent invites accepted them. 

Although Mel is away, there is someone in her place who will be sending out waitlist offers as they become available. I guess all there is to do is hope that someone receives an offer from another program or another school which opens up a spot. 


Best of luck to all of us waiting!

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On 6/24/2019 at 12:07 PM, OThopesdreams said:

Hi Everyone,

I'm planning to reapply to OT school next year and am looking to prepare my personal submissions before the application opens up in the fall. I'm wondering, do the personal submission questions stay the same each application year? 




When I applied to OT two years in a row a couple of years ago, I believe that one of the two essay questions stayed the same. The other did not.

Good luck! 

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On 6/10/2019 at 9:06 AM, wannabe_OT said:

Haven't heard anything... still nothing for you too?

Finally got a call from uOttawa today with an offer for OT around 2pm. Stats below for future applicants with low GPAs (so hard to find uOttawa info!)

Applied + (PT or OT?): uOttawa (PT+OT)
Accepted: uOttawa OT (off waitlist)
Waitlisted: uOttawa OT
Rejected: uOttawa PT (before interview)
GPA:c-gpa 3.54, s-gpa 3.44 (bombed 2nd and 3rd year lol)

If it's any consolation I called uOttawa a couple weeks back and they said as long as the "class is full" email isn't sent, there's still hope. They mentioned offers being sent out as late as August last year...

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On 5/21/2019 at 2:05 AM, PT02 said:

Hey, if you go on ORPAS and click "offer" next to Western (if that's where you want to go after UofT) it will take you to a page, and then you have the option to firmly accept or provisionally accept, and then select the school you are waiting to hear from. I've never provisionally accepted before but maybe check with Western as well :) Congrats on your offers!

What was your GPA? 

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On 7/12/2019 at 1:17 AM, FutureMScOT said:


I just got accepted to uOttawa off the waitlist yesterday, so there is still hope! They give you a call when they have an opening and you let them know whether or not you are still interested :) 

I hope to see you in September!!! 

Hey! I actually ended up getting off the waitlist in June so I’ll see you in September! :) 

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Applied: PT/OT  Mac, U of t, Queen’s, Western

Accepted: Mac PT

Waitlisted: Mac OT (later accepted), U of T OT

GPA: sub-GPA: 3.77, cumulative: 3.69

Posting this to give hope to future applicants! I had a lower subGPA than many posting on this site and I definitely didn’t think I had the chance of getting in but I was accepted to mac PT and OT! I’m assuming my interview is what got me in. In terms of interview prep I reflected on my past experiences to be ready for a “tell me a time when” questions and looked up basic MMI questions. Just remember to be positive and personable in the interview and show them why you’re a good applicant!

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