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Well i studied the summer of my MCAT's, definitely not this far ahead. typical 8 hour work day, really got to take advantage of breaks and food so that you're not completely drained by the end of the day. Did not studying during work the second time I wrote it. After work i'd eat dinner and watch a show with my father to unwind. And then hit the books for about 3-3.5 hours. I would probably take a break in the middle to talk to the fam/eat/call SO/facebook. Did that for about 3.5 months. Definitely wanna take advantage of weekends to do a lot more studying, usually a saturday so that Sunday could be off. Sometimes I would do a shorter study on Friday's because well need a break. Weekends would be when you do the FL tests, again usually Saturday. The FL tests would have been maybe 2 months in, that way I had some base knowledge to apply, and that I wouldn't use weekends to study as much but more so practice actually doing it. Also further in, I would use the AAMC section tests during the week to be able to apply, and break up the monotony of  studying after work. You can avoid burn out by studying a little lighter on days when you KNOW you're super tired and you won't be able to absorb that information you're reading. Or use it as your off day, don't have to have the same off day every week. Obviously this is a little harder if you're on your own and cooking your own meals etc, and just take that into account as break time directly after work. Need to take care of your self and your mind for the studying to be effective, so knowing when to stop and getting a good night's sleep is important. Best of luck :).

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I did it. I broke up the study time throughout the day. I studied an hour before work, over my lunch hour and an hour or two in the evening after I put kids to bed.  I recorded my notes and played them in the car during drive time and rather than listening to the radio at work. I also took 8 months to study because I was learning materials. My kids would quiz me, and I brought notes and cue cards everywhere. It wasn’t easy- my work weeks were 50-60 hours, but spacing things out worked. I also used a variety of materials. I prioritized sleep over studying, and would save new topics for when I was fresh. I didn’t even start practice tests until I’d reviewed and learned all of the materials.

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