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Should I apply next year?

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Hi all! I had originally planned on applying next cycle at the end of my third year, but I am now wondering if I should, considering my GPA is low. Here are my stats:


IP for Alberta

Third year in a BSc Double Major in Statistics and Biological Sciences, completing a Certificate in Biological Sciences Research with my degree

GPA: 3.5 both first and second year

MCAT: 518 (129/129/130/130) (first write)

Numerous leadership positions in a few long term clubs, including serving as President, VP Communications, and Secretary

2 years of experience as a patient visitor volunteer on the stroke and geriatrics unit of a major hospital

1 year of volunteering as a meal server at a local homeless shelter

Community Partnerships Team Lead for a student fundraising group for Cystic Fibrosis Canada

2 years of research experience completing personal projects, no pubs yet but plan on publishing my senior project and might be listed an author on an upcoming paper from my lab

Previously a 5-time world qualifying Irish dancer and Western Canadian Champion, but had to retire from dance when I was 17 due to injury 


It's definitely frustrating because I feel like I had potential to achieve a higher GPA had I chosen a degree with less higher level math and statistics classes that aren't curved (that being said, I could talk for hours about why taking a degree in statistics taught me a lot of important life skills, especially being one of the few women in the program). I am confident I can get a great GPA this year (I purposely made my schedule to achieve this), but even if I get a 4.0, my cGPA will only be 3.67. I am not against applying to American schools and I have Irish citizenship as well as Canadian citizenship, so I have also considered applying there. Should I bother applying to Canadian schools, or should I just be looking into US/Irish schools? Should I only apply to Alberta and Calgary, where I am IP? I know it's best to apply broadly to maximize your chances, but I also don't want to waste the time and money if there is no way a school would consider me. I know Canadian schools heavily consider GPA so that works against me lol. Any and all feedback is very much appreciated!

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Your MCAT and EC progress is right on. 

Your GPA is not helping you.  It will not be sufficient after 3rd year to apply in Ontario or be competitive anywhere in Canada.

IMO, work hard to achieve a high GPA in 3rd year and then review where you are after that.   

Probably then plan on completing 4th year with a high GPA.  Some schools have wGPA which allows you to drop the lower years or grades.  That may be enough to bring you into a interview competitive situation.

Your EU citizenship is intriguing.   That very well could be plan B if you are willing to relocate and plan to stay in EU.






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