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Hello Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Community,

I decided to create this post to inform those that may be able to benefit from Expand Excel Physical Therapy and Community Health YouTube Channel (Expand Excel PTCH). The channel has a lot of informative videos to help physiotherapy students and those in related fields like occupational therapy navigate through their program successfully. Although, most of the tools, tips, and resources offered come from American Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy Students. The concepts, principles, and tips can be useful regardless of your global location.

In addition, I am hoping to receive some video topics that can help you within your program. Maybe you have specific questions that you would like answered. Please provide those questions in the comment section of this post, or within the comment section of a video on Expand Excel PTCH YouTube Channel

Finally, I think it's important to note that I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at Baylor University in Waco, TX. So, I am on this journey with you. However, my first degree is in Film Production, and I wanted to find away to utilize my skills to help myself, and others expand our education beyond the classroom, so we can excel within the field of physical therapy (physiotherapy) and related professions. So, utilize my production skills to get some of your questions answered. I want to serve the community of physiotherapy, and bridge the gap between physical therapy and community health. 

Take a moment to view Expand Excel PTCH YouTube Channel Here: http://bit.ly/ExpandExcelPTCHYouTubeChannel

SUBSCRIBE if you like what you see, and COMMENT with questions or video ideas. 

Looking forward to building relationships on this forum

- Expand Excel PTCH

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