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TBH I do not think you will get an interview at Western with that CARS score. They have historically required a 129 CARS in order to get an interview. While the Abbreviated ABS may change some of the criteria, I do not think realistically that a CARS score of less than 128 is going to get you an interview. I would recommend re-writing MCAT after taking a course (Kaplan?) to try to improve your CARS score.

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With the introduction of ABS, it's very likely that Western is using a point system to rank applicants for interviews based on their MCAT, GPA and ABS scores. Seeing as how Western is a MCAT-centric heavy school, I don't see a MCAT score that low moving the needle at all. You're very unlikely to go anywhere for Western even if you have a perfect GPA and ABS score. 

I think I saw you post the same thing for Queens (if not, my apologies I have you mixed up with someone else). your MCAT score disqualifies you for every school in Ontario that is MCAT-centric except Utoronto. 

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I agree with the above... 

I'd consider re-taking the MCAT. Are you in province? Or from a southwestern Ontario community? It seems that most schools have a cut-off of sorts that are at least 126. 

Considering this year's applications are already in, I wouldn't worry about it. Nothing you can change now other than MCAT prep? 

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48 minutes ago, obiwankenobi said:

SWOMEN stills need the total of 383 for P/S, C/P, and CARS. 

Opes. I was more focused on the CARS. 

Yes - you're right. You need a total of 383 for P/S, C/P, and CARS but if you're SWOMEN, you can have a score of 125 in CARS granted that the other sections PS CP all add up to 383. 

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