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I felt that I did decent on them except the "Tell me about a time when you..." prompt. I blanked out for a full minute trying to come up with an example and didn't feel like my example was 100% relevant. Scenario questions I did a lot better on. I wrote about 5 lines for the main question and 2-4 lines for the other two questions.

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15 hours ago, MD9511 said:

Does anyone know if get penalized for using bullet points ? I answered in full sentences for the most part but I used bullet points for some of the questions because I was running out of time and I didn't want to write incomplete answers. 

No, in their webinar from McMaster,  they said you are able to communicate however you want. They do suggest bullet points for speed, but it's up to the person however they want to answer it.

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On 11/6/2018 at 1:50 PM, KeyzerSoze said:

Yeah I definitely took advantage of the fact that each of the 12 scenarios is marked by a different person. I used like the same opening sentence for every scenario lmao because I wanted to get the key words in there. I think I started every scenario with something like "first and foremost, it is important to analyze this situation as objectively as possible and consider all possible viewpoints".

Commenting on multiple perspectives is important, but coming from someone who marks casper, you get just as good as score as going ahead and talking about all the viewpoints as you would by starting with this sentence. Doesn't hurt though!

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