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Is it true that your worst Casper scenario is removed?

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I've heard this from a friend. I have no idea if there is any truth to it. I would like to think that removing one scenario would ensure better representation of your abilities without outliers. I was able to answer most scenarios well I think but I completely screwed up one scenario due to pain shooting up my back (long story). Anyone have any insider info here?

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Over the years, the company has gotten more transparent with their processes. I've heard the same thing, but after watching the webinar recently (https://takecasper.com/2018/09/casper-information-session-for-canadian-professional-health-sciences-applicants/) I can't seem to find any reference to this so I assume it isn't true, or at least was discontinued at one point? I would definitely love for it to be still in practice though!

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2 hours ago, Atwood-45 said:

I believe they state that your score will be an average of all 12 scenarios, so I doubt they removed a scenario. I think I had 2-3 iffy scenarios yesterday, with one that was real bad. However, I’m sure 90% of people had one bad scenario, so I wouldn’t stress too much

This. Don't forget that your test averages are later standardized into a Z-score and it's that z-score that's being used in your admissions.

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