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Hello future healthcare professionals! 

I am a registered physiotherapist and clinic owner and a former teacher! I've been helping students from this site for years prepare for medical, dental, pharmacy and physiotherapy school for years and have a fantastic success rate. I genuinely love tutoring and utilizing my knowledge about the application system to help you achieve your goals! 

A bit more about me: 

-successfully gained admission into all med schools in Ontario and Quebec as well as all physiotherapy schools in Ontario/Quebec (every school I applied to)

-am a second year registered physiotherapist with my own successful practice 

-created unique MMI/Casper practice content that has allowed 100s of students admission into their professional school of choice

I am happy to meet in person if we end up being in the same city, but 95% of my students work with me over Skype. My rate is $50/ hour (as I do set aside time away from my business to help tutor), however I do not want financial limitations to hold back anyone from reaching their full potential. On a case-by-case basis, I am happy to discuss how we can meet your needs for a lower price :). I also help edit and prepare applications and am available for any questions!

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