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question about ID photo we had to upload

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Hey everyone! I really hate myself for being this paranoid about this but I really want to ask to clarify :( so I uploaded the ID photo before the deadline and I saw the confirmation screen. Later that day, I accidentally clicked on the link again to submit the photo and it was giving me the option to submit the photo. As silly as this might sound, does this mean I had to resubmit a photo just cause I accessed the link again? 


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You probably don't have to resubmit. They are gonna receive a bank of photos with e-mails/banner IDs you had to write down when uploading the photo; it's not based on which e-mail you used to access the link. In fact, anyone can open the link (from any e-mail, or from any computer/browser), it doesn't mean that their e-mail gets added as a potential interviewee :P. 

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