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Should I apply to McGill OOP MDCM?


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Hey everyone! I know these chance me type posts are pretty looked down upon but I just wanted to get a good sense if I should apply to McGill or not.

My CGPA with McGill is 3.83 with my option 2 science prereq at around 3.93.

I have pretty great ECs, played american football (team captain) for almost 10 years, played ultimate frisbee, have about 1.5 years of research experience (got an acknowledgement on a paper), research award (basically NSERC but for glycobiology), a lot of volunteer opportunities in my old neighborhood (daycares, clothing drives, teaching STEM to racialized youth of Toronto)


I just hear that OOP is pretty competitive since it is only like 10 spots.. lol

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20 hours ago, moistbeef said:

Thanks, I think I might as well! Do you know if academic context also considers full course load and such? I've always taken five courses a semester (never taken summer school for a certain course to lighten my load)

That can be part of the academic context review, along with the types of classes you took (ex. lower vs. upper level) 

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