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Miserable in Masters of Science -> please help. I'm sad.


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Hey guys,

Long story short- I am in the first year of my masters and am pretty miserable. I am doing this degree as a backup in case I never get into med school. I can stick it out... 2 years and I'm free. My concern is grades.

I am earring mostly 70s in this program. My cGPA (undergrad) is 3.83 with a strong upward trend (90s in years 3 and 4). Is there any chance that McMaster will view my crap graduate marks? How anyone ever had an adcom ask them questions about why they didn't do well in a masters program? Aren't masters programs supposed to be.. easier? 

I'm wording that I'll be burning bridges by sticking this masters out and ending up with predominantly 70s in it.

I'm already insecure enough about my cGPA. I'm convinced that it just isn't good enough.

Man.. i'm sad.

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