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Started a channel... if you're interested LMK. :)


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Hey Guys,

I started a YouTube channel about getting into medical school and also talk about premed tips and tricks. I started it because I didn't have much useful advice going through uni and many people online weren't really supportive or always put me down. Once I got accepted, I wanted to actually help people get in without just crushing their dreams. If you guys are interested, just leave a comment below and ill leave the link. Otherwise, if no one is interested, you can disregard it. 


Just one thing I do want to say: no matter what people say, no matter what people tell you, know you WILL succeed if you work hard. Many people told me that I would not become a medical student and I still kept pushing and here I am today in medical school. Many people still tell me my videos suck and it just reminds me of my days as a premed student where people told me my grades weren't good enough or I wasn't smart enough. Push away from the BS and just keep going. Believe in yourself and YOU WILL SUCCEED!

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