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Hey everyone! Just wanted to see when everyone signed up to write their CASPer exam.  I feel a bit confused as I am applying to Western and UBC and their applications are due at the beginning of January; however, the last date to write the CASPer exam for these schools is January 10th but I thought it normally took 3 weeks to distribute results. Any info on this?

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Hey :)

I private messaged you about this but I thought maybe it would be useful for everyone wondering this as well if I posted here as well!

I was at Western OT/ PT preview day and when the date of January 20th was mentioned as the last day to write the Casper they didn't seem to take any issue with it. So I would assume that they take this into account when setting the deadlines for students with the Casper center/ testing company.  If you click on the schools that you want it will give you a list of dates.  In reality, the Casper runs into January but when you click on "Western OT" it shows only up until the 20th.  Therefore I think Western has set that as the last date and has that arranged with the Casper team!

I can always call and ask the admissions coordinator Andrea though :) 



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Hey, seems like you got an answer for Western, just in case you haven't heard from UBC, their website mentions this: 

"Review the CASPer Test page and ensure you have completed the test by January 10th. All CASPer scores for UBC MOT applicants must be distributed by January 15th. *Applicants who took the January 10th CASPer test will be allotted additional time to submit their test scores."

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