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Any advice from those who were successful?

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Hi there. I’ll try to keep this short. I’m two months into my “gap” year after not having been accepted at NOSM this spring, and I’m already driving myself crazy thinking about having to deal with not getting accepted again next year. This is my third round of applications and my second attempt at NOSM. I’m confident (on most days) that I will get an interview invite again this January. My issue is that I walked out of my interview this year feeling like a million bucks, yet unfortunately still did not get accepted. Clearly I didn’t do as well as I thought. I’m just wondering if anyone who has received an acceptance can offer any advice on how to do well on the interview? How did you prepare? Any tips or pointers? Anything at all at this point will help. I’m just trying my best to be as prepared as possible for this upcoming interview cycle. I was heartbroken this May when I received that rejection letter. I’m just looking for any advice from those who have been accepted. Sorry for the long post. 

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