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I really need help deciding on a premed major. I can't decide between BIOL or BIOC... which would be better? Which one is easier, and which one would be more useful for the MCAT/med school in general.

Also, where should I do my premed? USask or U of R? I've heard that it's easier to get better marks at U of R, but I doubt it'll prepare me for medicine as well as USask would. There are more options at USask, and I just assume that the profs are better + I'd learn a lot more because it's a more "prestigious" university. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated, as I seriously need to figure my life out ASAP. Thanks in advance. 

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Just so you are aware, so-called prestige is totally meaningless and irrelevant, i.e., it should not be the slightest consideration in making a decision. GPA is king! Consider taking a program of real interest to do, as you will likely do better. Have you given consideration to kin?f

The transition from high school to university can be brutal. You are completely on your own and must have excellent time and stress management skills. Don’t hang around with party people and get caught up in things that will distract you. Don’t become involved with a significant other who turns out to be needy and a distraction. Academics should be your primary focus. Leave ECs alone until you have academics under control. Develop good notectaking, learn how to study best for you, and if you are having study problems, go to counseling immediately. Good luck! :P Welcome to the Forum.

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Consider other degrees aswell, Phys Pharm, Kin, Nutrition, sociology. Up to 2nd year the classes are the same, and then you go into the programs specifically, so take electives in each in the first two years to decide. Interest over gunning will get you higher marks with less stress. 

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