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Question for current radiology residents - semi urgent

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Hey all,

Just looking for advice on the non-radiology letters that you used for your carms applications. I did an ICU elective and built very strong rapport with the staff and imo it is my strongest letter. However, the letter was geared towards ICU/medicine and not radiology. It will definitely highlight my strengths but there may not be any indication of any major interest towards radiology. Would it be ok to use this sort of letter to show strong clinical/clerk strength in a radiology application? Or would the interest/stated desire for medicine be looked down on?

I was going to apply to medicine as well originally but have decided to not do this. The reason I am in a bit of a pickle is because the referee is now on vacation and would not be able to edit/resubmit a radiology or general letter. Just wanted to see what successful candidates have done in the past and whether you asked for all your letters to be geared towards rads. Due date for letter assignments 27th so any help appreciated :)

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